God Unborn

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Over the past few years when we at Both Lives Matter have been out doing church talks, we have ended up asking ourselves this question; has much of the church forgotten that God chose to come as an embryo? And that profound truth, that we are image bearers from conception, gives value, dignity & worth to every human being – from that point. 

When Christians celebrate the incarnation, they remember the awesome truth of God the Son being fully human. That Jesus joined us in all our vulnerability, fragility and dependence! We celebrate Christ’s birth at Christmas but it’s important to remember and acknowledge that – unlike much of our commentary – he didn’t actually come at Christmas! Instead he began his human journey pre-birth and developed in the same way we did until he was born.

With these resources we are inviting you to take time and dwell in the good news of the incarnation. To think about what that truth means, about God’s heart for both lives in pregnancy, and how we understand our place in his design.

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