Both Lives Matter causes controversy

Both Lives Matter | Press | Both Lives Matter causes controversy

Speaking ahead of Monday’s lecture, as part of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival, Dawn McAvoy from Both Lives Matter commented;

“Both Lives Matter. This is the simple starting point for a new movement of organisations and individuals who are reframing the conversation around abortion in Northern Ireland. It shapes our approach to everything. We stand with women and children. We stand for better pregnancy care services. We stand ready to change culture. In doing so we pursue the human dignity and flourishing of both.”

Commenting on the event, Dawn McAvoy continued;

“We were surprised an event supporting such a basic human right proved controversial* with someone resigning in protest. The argument made by some that such an event should be excluded from the Festival would fly in the face of human rights such as freedom of speech, thought and conscience. We thank the Festival organisers for including this event which explores the law around the life, health and human dignity of pregnant women and children. We are also grateful to Brett Lockhart QC for agreeing to speak on how the law can protect and give dignity to both lives as far as possible.”

“Both Lives Matter will launch officially early in the new year but we’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response around this first event. Our campaign is positive, de-polarising and profoundly human. People have been waiting for a better way to approach these sensitive issues. It’s time to re-humanise the conversation.”


Both Lives Matter is collaborative movement of individuals & organisations seeking to re-frame the abortion debate in Northern Ireland and beyond; to advocate for better care in pregnancy crisis; to create a life-affirming culture that values each woman and her unborn child; and to safe-guard the current law which protects both women and unborn children.