About Us

Both Lives Matter | About Us

We are a collaborative movement of individuals & organisations

We seek

  • To re-frame the abortion debate in Northern Ireland and beyond
  • To advocate for both lives in pregnancy and beyond.
  • To create a life-affirming culture that values each woman and her unborn child.
  • To restore lost legal protections for both women and unborn children.

We stand together, from every background, all faiths or none, united in recognising the human dignity of everyone, ready to create a new culture, where compassion, solidarity and support for both lives is the norm.

We stand for the recognition and protection of human life. When human life and dignity is at stake, this is about more than a private choice, it is of community or public interest.

We stand with women and unborn children calling for world-leading support, services and better care than abortion.

We advocate for laws which seek to protect the lives and health of both women and unborn children.

We want to speak life and hope into the difficult and divisive debate on abortion.
We reject a dangerous dichotomy which pitches a woman against her unborn child.
We offer an alternative voice – calling for better choices than abortion – because we believe women, families and our society deserve better.