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Key Findings:

Polling results – September 2019

  • 57% OPPOSE Westminster abortion changes and only 43% support them.
  • With don’t knows included, over half (52%) do NOT support the changes, with 39% in favour of the changes and 9% ‘don’t knows’.
  • The majority of men and women were against the changes with 51% of women saying they were against the law and 53% of men.
  • Across every age group, opposition to the new laws was stronger than support. Notably the majority of 18-24 year olds (54%) were not in favour of the law imposed by Westminster. 
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A new poll, commissioned by Both Lives Matter and conducted by LucidTalk, has found that the majority of the public in Northern Ireland do not support legislative changes to abortion laws introduced at Westminster.

More than half of those who took part in the survey (52%) said they did not support the changes voted for at Westminster that will impose new abortion laws in Northern Ireland. 39% of those surveyed said they did support the changes, with 9% saying they didn’t know. 

The message could not be clearer. The majority of people of Northern Ireland do not want these changes, no Northern Ireland MP voted in favour of the abortion amendment proposing these changes and the majority of councils in Northern Ireland have now voted against these changes.

As the 21st October approaches, the public is realising just how bad the law imposed by Westminster is. Northern Ireland will be left without proper regulation for months putting mothers and unborn babies at risk – it is bad for both.

The study found little difference between the genders in those who did not support the law change – with 51% of women and 53% of men saying they did not support Westminster’s imposed legislation. It was also found that the majority of 18-24 year olds (54%) and 65+ year olds (63%) also did not support the changes. There seemed a significant difference between Nationalists and Unionist, with 42% of Nationalists saying they did not support the changes (49% saying they did support Westminster) compared with 66% of Unionists.