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Our response to abortion speaks of our concern for life, human dignity, freedom and responsibility. This is worthy of critical analysis and compassionate advocacy.


Too many people have been silenced by the accusation that they are forcing their views on others. Many people care deeply about survivors of human trafficking or domestic violence. By speaking for their protection, they are not forcing their views on others but standing up for justice and human dignity. Advocating for the life and dignity of both lives, for women and children, should not be offensive. This is deeply compassionate and entirely reasonable.

We do not impose, we humbly propose. We advocate not for our own interests but for the vulnerable and the wellbeing of society. So talk about this issue, around the dinner table, in the office, with family and friends and beyond. Stir in others a passion to protect life and see better pregnancy crisis care. Shape the debate and be part of the conversation.

One person at a time

Become part of our one person at a time movement. If 50 people each talk to one person about why both lives matter each month, and each new person does the same, in the course of a year that conversation started by 50 people will have reached over 100,000 people. Small steps can change culture, one person at a time. Who will you talk to next?


  • Advocate by writing to your local MLA’s.
  • Campaign for better services.
  • Support organisations like LIFE NI which among other things, provides practical help through their Pregnancy Matters service.
  • Create cultural and governmental change by cultivating better relationships and sex education for longer term.
  • Draw alongside those experiencing pregnancy crisis.
  • Educate yourself and others by researching the issue and speaking wisely.


Feel free to get in touch if you have particular expertise or experience in these issues.

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