Both Lives

Imagine a people and place that values the life & health of women and unborn children, and pursues the wellbeing of both.

We are a movement of individuals & organisations seeking:


To re-frame the abortion debate in Northern Ireland & beyond


To advocate for
better care in pregnancy crisis


To create a culture that values every woman & her unborn child

We stand...


Women & Children

We stand with women and children, and in doing so, we advocate for laws in Northern Ireland which protect the life, health and dignity of them both

The unborn child is either a human being with all the rights that entails or not — there is no in-between category.

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Better Services

We want to see world leading pregnancy care for every woman, child and family.

No one should feel pressured to make a decision because they lack the necessary support. Let’s change that.

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To Change Culture

Some say progress on human rights is measured by the choice to end human life.

Let's rehumanise the conversation.

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What's the big deal?

Women, children and society deserve better than abortion

For the 100,000

100,000 people you know and love are here today because Northern Ireland chose not to enact the 1967 Abortion Act.

T‌his is radical social justice in action.

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It happened to me

Real Women, Real Stories

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Current Context...

A brief history of abortion law in NI, 1967 to 2020. The journey from having the strongest safeguards & protections in Europe for women and unborn children to the decriminalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland.

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We want to see women supported in every circumstance...

If you are pregnant and facing difficult or challenging circumstances you can get in touch with us directly or make use of the services listed here, to help support you and your baby before and after birth.

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