Abortion does not equal equality for women

Both Lives Matter | Press | Abortion does not equal equality for women

It is unfortunate that on International Women’s Day, Stella Creasy and other MPs are trying to force their views on others. The abortion industry also chose today to release their latest figures showing business is booming.

Dawn McAvoy of Both Lives Matter commented,

“It is so sad that some women think abortion is a symbol of equality and progress. Women do not accept equality defined and determined by a “choice” to end our unborn child’s life. Domestic violence is an issue all women should be able to unite in their opposition to. Instead, MPs are threatening make the whole debate about abortion which deeply divides women.”

“We start every conversation from the point of view that both lives matter. More than 100,000 people are alive in Northern Ireland today because we did not bring in the 1967 Act and we want to see that number continue to grow. Abortion is a devolved matter, so it is striking to see that MPs from other devolved nations are happy to support a motion undermining devolution. They might be less keen if Westminster was being used to force legislation through in Scotland or Wales.

“Northern Ireland has serious issues with no government and Brexit looming – the last thing it need is to be treated as a virtue-signalling political football by Westminster.”