Out of the mouths of babes

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For a number of years I’ve been involved in the pro-life movement in Northern Ireland. The day job is a lecturer in Belfast Met and I’m also a DUP Councillor in Ards & North Down. I thought I’d simply share a couple of stories which have impacted on me over the last year.

Before the referendum in the South I posted this tweet,

I was just relating a story that happened that morning over the breakfast table. Yes I received the usual abusive tweets in reply, but what I found the most stunning was that people had thought I’d simply made it up. Perhaps that’s a commentary on politicians in general but of course it really happened and the wisdom of a child simply shone through in her question to me.

Maybe you are pro-life but are afraid of standing up for your views because of what other people will think? My wife Melanie was in that situation. For a couple of years she was simply terrified of posting that she was pro-life on social media. Then a few months ago she was so enraged at something she had seen, the next day she went onto Facebook and shared the following,


I want this to serve as an encouragement to others who perhaps feel the same as my wife.

Being a pro-life politician isn’t easy these days but the day I sell out my principals for votes or political expediency (as some have done) well I’ll be leaving politics. I’ve been so very proud to be part of a cross community movement which seeks to protect the most vulnerable in our society. The work continues.


With thanks from all of us at Both Lives Matter to our guest author, Councillor Peter Martin.  

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