Both Lives Matter calls on pro-life voters to engage in the General Election

Both Lives Matter | Press | Both Lives Matter calls on pro-life voters to engage in the General Election
Both Lives Matter called on pro-life voters to engage with the 2017 General Election and to ask their candidates where they stand on the issue of abortion at a press briefing held this morning at the Stormont hotel. As it is unclear whether the Northern Ireland Executive will return in the near future or whether Northern Ireland will be governed by Direct Rule, Both Lives Matter believes it is crucial pro-life voters make their voices heard in the upcoming election to Westminster. Both Lives Matter is a collaborative movement of individuals & organisations from a wide variety of backgrounds which seeks to ensure that law and policy upholds the values and worth of both mothers and unborn children. 
Dawn McAvoy, spokesperson for Both Lives Matter said:
“We are here because Both Lives Matter. Because we believe that from conception to natural death every human being has inherent dignity, value and worth, regardless of location, size, gender, ability, health or circumstances of conception. We can and must offer better than abortion. In this election, we need pro-life voters to engage and ask their candidates about where they stand on this crucially important issue. We need legislation and policy which affirms the value and worth of mothers and unborn children.”
“All my life I have been republican, of the left, a feminist and an advocate for the rights of the marginalised. I’m proud to be pro-life, and regard it as a logical extension of all of these other beliefs.” 
Anne Brolly, spokesperson for Cherish All the Children Equally
“We believe we must stand up for the value and worth of the unborn child. We are proud to stand with others from across the community in Ireland who affirm the value and worth of both mothers and unborn children. We are Irish and we must take our message to the world: “From the moment of conception to the hour of death, Cherish all the Children of the Nation equally.”           
Tracy Harkin, mum to a profoundly disabled child:
“It is my hope that here in Northern Ireland we will continue in law and practice to recognise the immense dignity and value of every member of our human family regardless; irrelevant of life expectancy, ability or disability. It is my hope that the lives of disabled children will be protected and that parents will be given every opportunity and support to help their children reach their full potential as valued members of our families and communities.”
Marion Woods, Chairperson of Life Northern Ireland:
“LIFE NI believes that “Both Lives Matter” and we aim to help, support and protect both the life of the mother and the life of her unborn child. We are delighted that we are part of this new collaborative movement of individuals and organisations, in NI, which seeks to reframe the abortion debate, advocate for better care in crisis pregnancy and create a culture in which both lives really do matter.”