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Some parliamentarians have argued in recent weeks that Westminster should legislate to override the devolution settlement and introduce widespread access to abortion in Northern Ireland.

They have said that they intend to do this from Westminster through amending the upcoming Domestic Abuse Bill. The amendment that is currently being proposed involves repealing sections 58 and 59 of the Offences Against the Persons Act. If this amendment became law, it would directly undermine the devolution settlement. This proposal would also introduce a radical change to abortion legislation in England and Wales, effectively striking down many of the current legal safeguards provided by the Abortion Act.

It is vital that MPs hear from people of Northern Ireland in this debate and, in particular, the women of Northern Ireland on this issue. On Wednesday 18th July, Fiona Bruce MP will be hosting a cross-community group of women from a wide variety of backgrounds who will be speaking on the current abortion law in Northern Ireland and the proposed changes. This will allow them to hear directly from Northern Irish women on their concerns regarding changing the law on abortion in Northern Ireland from Westminster and is one of the best ways that we can reach MPs on this issue

Please use the email function below to let your MP know about this event and ask them to attend on Wednesday 18th July. We have set up the email function with a pre-written letter so it will only take one-minute to email your MP.

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