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URGENT - Email your MP asking them to vote against radical abortion proposal on October 23

Diana Johnson MP is bringing forward a Ten Minute Rule Motion on Tuesday October 23 which, among other things, seeks to override the devolution settlement and introduce widespread access to abortion in Northern Ireland.

While Ten Minute Rule Bills rarely become law and the vote will not be binding on the Government, those seeking to liberalise abortion law across the UK are attempting to use a vote on this Bill to create momentum in Parliament ahead of bringing forward an amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill to introduce these radical changes to abortion legislation.

It is vital that MPs hear from the people of Northern Ireland in this debate and, in particular, women from Northern Ireland.

Please use the email function below to ask your MP to vote against the Johnson Bill on 23 October. We have set up the email function with a pre-written letter so it will only take one-minute to email your MP.

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