Abortion pills supplied online

Both Lives Matter | Abortion pills supplied online

Some pro-choice advocacy groups have been advising people how to access abortion pills online.

This is irresponsible, illegal and potentially dangerous. To advertise and recommend the procurement and use of such pills is irresponsible. Obtaining and taking these pills in Northern Ireland online is illegal and potentially dangerous. There are good reasons why the use of such medication is controlled carefully. Again the law in this instance exists to protect women and unborn children. We want to see tough sanctions against the suppliers of these unregulated online pills.

We want to see clarity on the limits of confidentiality. For women who have taken such pills and are concerned about the potential legal consequences of seeking medical treatment a clear way forward is required. The advice of ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ is poor medical advice when information that particular substances have been taken could be crucial for resulting treatment. Medical staff and counsellors need to have clarity on when their duty of confidentiality allows them to provide advice and treatment without breaking the law themselves or incriminating the woman involved.