Press Release: Both Lives Matter Comments on Westminster Vote

Both Lives Matter | Press | Press Release: Both Lives Matter Comments on Westminster Vote

Today a majority of MPs at Westminster have put the final seal to the abortion regulations for Northern Ireland and concluded the process of removing legal protections from Northern Ireland’s unborn babies.

Although 235 MPs voted in support of this extreme abortion regime, we are grateful to the136 MPs who rejected it. We understand this has been the biggest pro-life vote on abortion law seen in parliament in recent years.

Dawn McAvoy Both Lives Matter co-founder said, “Words cannot express the disappointment we feel at the refusal of Westminster to respect devolution, the democratic process and the voices of the many people who live and work here.

They have claimed sovereignty in order to introduce the termination of our children’s lives. With sovereignty comes a responsibility to protect and they have failed us.

Our focus returns to the Northern Ireland Assembly and we urge them to restore the protections which Westminster has removed from our children and from women in NI. To introduce care and support services, enabling women to choose life. 

As a society we can no longer simply listen to the virtue-signalling of “trust women”. Systemic failings require a structural response, and we must offer better to women than abortion. We have to enable women to choose life.

Both Lives will always Matter. Our vision remains; for a people & place who value the life & health of women & unborn children and pursues the wellbeing of both.”


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