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Both Lives Matter | show the film ‘Unplanned’

Earlier this year the film ‘Unplanned’ was released in America. It tells the story of Abby Johnson, a director at an abortion clinic who, after witnessing an abortion, began the journey to becoming an advocate for women and their unborn children together. Some of our team recently had the opportunity to see a preview screening of the film and can attest to the power of the story it tells.

As you know this is a critical moment around the law on abortion here and this film could provide an incredibly timely opportunity to further raise the issue with friends, family and the wider public.

The film obviously deals with a controversial subject matter and it has not yet been confirmed that it will be shown in any cinemas here. We’d love you to help us in asking local cinema owners to show the film.

Please read the email below and if you agree, a copy will be sent on your behalf to local cinema owners asking them to show the film when you complete the fields below.

Thank you.


I am writing to ask that your cinema chain show the film ‘Unplanned’. I, and many others, have followed its release with interest and hope to be able to see it very soon in a cinema here.

The film was released on 29 March 2019 in the USA and opened at number 4 in the box office making $6.4 million dollars in its first weekend. It grossed around $20,000,000 in North America. As far as I understand, it is now due to be released in many other countries in the months ahead.

While the subject matter is obviously contentious, the film was widely screened across America and Canada. With recent events, the subject and timing of this film would be of huge interest to a wide range of people across the island of Ireland.

In America many groups, organisations and Churches block booked screenings and I would anticipate the same thing happening here.

Please can you confirm receipt of this email and that your cinema will show the ‘Unplanned’ film as soon as possible.

Kind regards,