My unplanned pregnancy became my greatest blessing

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I am so thankful to tell my story.

At the age of 24 I found myself in an unplanned pregnancy. My first reaction was of shock and fear. How could I cope with a baby? I was living in a very volatile relationship fuelled by alcohol and drugs. I did not even know how to tell my partner. I knew he would want me to have an abortion.

The first person I told was my doctor and I am so thankful he was so kind and encouraging. After speaking with him I knew I could have my baby.

I then told my partner and got the reaction I expected but even he knew in his heart what he was saying was wrong. He is now also so thankful for our son.

I am so thankful now I live in a country where abortion is illegal and there was no abortion clinic in my town. It is too easy when filled with fear to make a rash decision. A decision that can never be undone.

I am also so thankful I attended a hospital where no abortions were performed and the doctors and midwives were not compromised. They did what they were trained to do. Delivered babies. The care here is second to none.

Lastly I am so thankful to my son. He saved my life. I don’t believe I was ever in love until I met him. He made me the person I am today. I don’t even want to think where I would be if I had aborted him.

I would like to end by saying my unplanned pregnancy became my greatest blessing, and I am only one of thousands of women who would say the same if asked.

My recommendations for government; please do not change the pro-life law in place in Northern Ireland today. This law has saved thousands of lives, and not only the lives of babies, but many women , like myself, have found their way out of the darkest of times through having their children. I don’t believe changing the law can ever help women, but will make women victims at the hands of a callous abortion industry, which we have seen in Britain. Our law is compassionate, progressive and pro-woman!



In 2018 the Westminster Women and Equalities Committee launched an inquiry into Northern Ireland’s abortion law. In April 2019 the report concluding their inquiry was published. It calls for law change to allow abortion in cases of “fatal foetal abnormality”. The main report was not adopted unanimously, and with a vote of four to two, an alternative Hughes Report was also published.

Interestingly, the first item listed in the Committees Terms of Reference, is their desire to hear from the general public, women impacted by the law, and medical and legal professionals in Northern Ireland.

Over 88% of all the submissions they received from the public were against law change. We are highlighting just a few of those submissions, which are publicly available. All of the published submissions can be viewed here.