The people of Ireland have voted YES to repeal the Eighth Amendment

Both Lives Matter | Press | The people of Ireland have voted YES to repeal the Eighth Amendment

Dawn McAvoy, co-founder of Both Lives Matter comments,
“Today is a dark day for Ireland. We mourn that a vital protection and declaration of dignity for both women and their unborn children has been removed from the Irish constitution. The idea that women have won today because they might have the choice to end their unborn child’s life is too small and sad a vision.”

“It is important that politicians recognise the very significant concerns of the hundreds of thousands of people who voted no. The proposed legislation will now be under scrutiny and there is still an opportunity to ensure that both lives are recognised and offered best care, particularly in the very limited circumstances around which many people were seemingly persuaded to vote yes.”

Dawn continues,
“This has been a difficult campaign and we commend all those who advocated for both lives. We also acknowledge there are very strong feelings on all sides and many well-intentioned people voted yes. While many across these islands see the result today as the most compassionate and progressive path that the Irish people could have chosen, many others will see things from entirely the opposite perspective. Already eyes are turning to Northern Ireland. Democracy and devolution must be respected and the people of Northern Ireland must not have legislation imposed upon them, from either Westminster or Dublin.”

Dawn concludes,
“The referendum is over but the conversation on how we best support women and unborn children in pregnancy crisis on this island must now begin in earnest. In the Republic now is the time for the government and the Yes campaign to match the energy and resource they put into their campaign for abortion with providing real choices for women in pregnancy crisis. Politicians on both sides of the border must address the structural and systemic inequalities which lead women to believe that abortion is their only choice. With humility, we can all now come together around this common goal.

Always and especially now, we continue to advocate that both lives matter.”